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Jan 10, 2013 10:00pm PST
middle of an electrical storm. do i seem like a suicidal schmuck to you? >> you've got from religion to politics. what's next? >> sex. >> is your character -- >> i am me, josh gad, by 32 will be doing porn. >> oh, that's good. >> reporter: but for now gad is sticking with comedy. >> i am really good at impressions. jimmy, you coming home for christmas? you come to dinner? you're breaking my heart, girl. >> president clinton. >> that's right. >> thank goodness we both have amazing metabolisms. >> reporter: there's one last thing i thought i could help gad's tv character with. >> dad! >> reporter: since his father, the president, won't give him a hug -- >> he's never hugged you. >> i know. he's not a big hugger. >> reporter: i thought someone else might. >> you can hug him. he's not creepy, i promise. his arm -- he's a little stiff. dad, it's okay. >> the president loves me. >> our thanks to jenna bush hager and josh gad. >>> another break, and up next for us tonight, it's something a lot of people continue to do, knowing the danger to all, texting while driving. tonight kate snow sets
Jan 9, 2013 7:00am PST
like a religion and told me they're biting like crazy. >> reporter: it didn't take long. within minutes, the squid were hitting the deck, lots of them. katie mason brought along her kids, including 5-year-old catalina. >> well, i warned them, it's wet, it's dirty, it's crazy. so i wanted them to kind of have that experience. >> they're really big. >> it's like pulling up a volkswagen tire. >> reporter: putting up a fight and squirting water and ink at everyone on board. >> once they come up and they get in the light, you can catch as many as you want really quickly. >> reporter: the last time so much jumbo squid showed up here was back in 2009 and the discovery channel just shot this first-ever video of an elusive 600-pound giant squid. why are so many suddenly showing up off the california coast? we asked marine biologist chris plant. >> it is remarkable we're seeing them in the density worry seeing them in. we can only guess that they're chasing food. they could be eating anything from small krill all the way up to bigger fishes. >> reporter: catching them isn't difficult. i d
Jan 10, 2013 7:00am PST
. >> he got his first break in the book of mormon, the music al that pokes fun at religion and just about everything else too. >> did you expect it to catapult your career? >> no. i thought it would hurt my career. >> his career is flourishing. he has done movies, tv, and once worked on the daily show. >> josh gadd. thank you very much. >> he grew up in florida where he learned at a very young age to use humor as a protective coat of arm our. >> i was the product of a divorced household. it was kind of a painful period when i was about 6. and the one weapon that i always had was making my family laugh. >> and laughing is what "1600 penn" is all about. that and family dynamics, like trying to get a hug from the president when he happens to be your dad. in this case i thought i could help. i know somebody that will hug you. do you want to try it? nice hug, right? and, carl, the cast was thrilled to have a screening of the series last night at the white house. president obama got to give his two cents. >> twinkle. we'll be calling you that from now on. >> don't get it confused with tin
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3